What is this message board good for?
First of all, I would like to welcome all new members.

This message board is for the Irish teaching community. The purpose of this message board is to find answers to any question. You will find ideas for your classroom or advice on any subject, there are plenty of helpful and friendly users, long term or just registered. It is a community and it is fun to be one of them.

The first thing, you might like to do is reading the rules (http://forum.educationposts.ie/announcement-1.html). The rules are in place to make sure, that the standard is (and keeps being) high. They are there, to make the message board a pleasant place. The rules also make sure, that you will not get into trouble by posting the wrong thing, e.g. naming people, posting copyrighted texts, etc.

There is a FAQ which answers a lot of technical questions - how do I post, how do I pm, etc.

We have a search where you very likely find answers to your question. If you do not, you can post your question.

I mentioned the "search". To make that work, the spelling has to be correct - I guess, it is not a problem for a teacher ;). The topic subject needs to be self explanatory to make sure that other members look at it, e.g. "Help" won't do, everybody is asking for help because they need help and "help" is the worst keyword to search for if you want an answer to your question.

Study the forum titles, they will help you to find something interesting, whether advice for your class or some chitchat (not everything apart from advice for your class is chitchat!). There is a bit of everything.

This message board is yours, it is, what the members make of it.

My role is being the admin. I am also the moderator. I get notified, usually pretty fast, when things go out of hand or about to go out of hand. There is a bunch of lovely advisers, who also keep an eye on forums, threads and post. If needed, I have no problem to warn or ban people. Again, that is needed to keep up the standard.

Thanks and enjoy :)
Jürgen (message board administrator)
Any form of verbal violence/abuse/aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated

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