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  Panels and Permanent Jobs
Posted by: Chloedancer - 22-05-2017, 17:46:56 - Forum: NQT - Replies (2)

Following on from the last post. 

The end game is a permanent job. There are a number of ways in which you may get a permanent job. The main routes are via CID, Panels and open competition. 

CID is superior to a panels so lets talk about those first. 

You can apply for a CID when you are entering into your 3rd year of continuous employment in the same school. Essentially, it doesn't matter what type of contract you have for the first two years, as long as they span the entire school year. The third year must not be a jobshare or a maternity leave (so career break, secondment, a temporary SEN position etc.). You apply for a CID (Contract of Indefinite Duration) towards the end of your second year, when you know that the position is there for September. If a permanent position comes up in your school, you are entitled to it. If, for example, your are covering a career break and the person decides to come back, you have a CID and there is no permanent job in your school, you are entitled to Main panel rights, and will secure a permanent job in another school for the following school year. 

Main Panel:
The main panel consists of permanent teachers who lose their job in their own school due to the school losing a teacher (usually numbers). These teachers are entitled to redeployed in other schools where there is vacancy and must be redeployed before the supplementary panel kicks in. The only people that can access the panel are permanent or CID holding teachers. 

Supplementary Panel:
The criteria for accessing the Supplementary Panel changes from year to year. In the 2016/2017 school year, in order to qualify for the supplementary panel you must have met the following criterion:

a) You must have completed probation by 9th December 2016
b) You must hold full registration with the Teaching Council (i.e. no conditions such as Irish Language if trained in the UK, workshops etc.)
c) (I'm going to skip the salary requirements for teachers who qualified pre 2011 on the assumption that this is mostly for those who have recently qualified) 
You must have been paid a gross salary of at least €26100 in the 2016 calendar year and on or before 31 December 2016 be on the 4th or higher point of the relevant teacher's salary scale.
on or before 31st December 2016 be on the 3rd point of the relevant teachers' salary scale and on or before 9th December 2016 be contracted to teacher for the remainder of the 2016/2017 school year. 

So from that you can see that you need to be probated, and you will probably need at least 3 years' teaching to move to at least point 3 on the salary scale. More on the salary scale later. 

Any teachers who have met that criteria a entitled to a place on the Supplementary panel. Not all people on the Supplementary Panel are entitled to permanent jobs however, as there are most commonly more people on the Supplementary panel than there are permanent jobs. 

One of the most important things that you need to do is to ensure that you are always on the correct point of the salary scale. Payroll do not automatically move you up the payscale, particularly if you are not already in a permanent position. You are entitled to move up the salary scale for every 183 days that your have worked (i.e. school year). You need to keep a close eye on it yourself, contact payroll to make sure that you are on the correct point. If you meet all the other criteria but are not on the correct point, even though you should be, I believe it is tough luck. 

Again - anyone who wishes to add to this, or correct anything, please do so.

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  Looking for jobs when newly qualified
Posted by: Chloedancer - 21-05-2017, 22:07:41 - Forum: NQT - Replies (4)

Hi All, 

I thought it might be a good idea to set up a board for NQT's to post any specific queries as I remember how daunting it is when you have just recently qualified. 

One question that I have seen come up a bit is 'What jobs can I actually apply for?'

There are a number of different types of contracts that are advertised for teachers. 
a) Permanent Posts
b) fixed term temporary posts
c) maternity leave substitute posts
d) casual subbing

a) Permanent Posts
Any permanent posts that are coming up in schools must be notified to the Department of Ed and they are filled in the following order: 
Main Panel
Supplementary Panel
Open competition

I will address CID, Main Panel and Supplementary panel in a different post. The only type of permanent job that is available to you as an NQT is open competition. In reality, there are very few areas that have permanent jobs left open once CID, Main Panel and Supplementary Panel have cleared. If you see an ad looking for expressions of interest from people with Main Panel or Supplementary Panel rights, it is not an open competition job. 

b) Fixed term temporary posts
You can apply for any of these jobs that are advertised (with the possible exception of Learning Support roles. There is a new model for Special Education. Under the old model, an unprobated teacher could apply for resource jobs but needed to be probated for Learning Support roles. It hasn't been clarified if this is the case with the new model at this point - that I'm aware of anyway).
Generally these jobs arise from the likes of Career Breaks, Job Sharing and Secondment. The important benefit to these types of roles is that if your start before Nov 1st for the year, you will get paid for holidays including summer. 

c) Maternity Leave substitution
This is to cover maternity leave - 26 weeks. You will be classified as a long term substitute and won't receive full pay for holidays that might occur during your contract (you do get paid a certain amount for holidays, it comes together at fairly unpredictable times. If you work over Dec to January for e.g. and two of those weeks are holidays, with one payday falling in the middle, you won't get paid on that pay day as you would normally). These were generally great opportunities to get the dip done, but I'm not sure how thats going to work out this year with the Droichead directive lifted. You should also note that you get paid the sub rate for the first 40 days and then it changes to your personal rate. 

d) Casual Subbing
Casual subbing is getting a call on a Monday morning asking you to get to the school as quickly as possible. One day can turn into 3 months if you are covering someone who is on sick leave, or you may never see the school again. Don't underestimate the importance of casual subbing. This is how you get known in schools, treat every day subbing like a job interview. If a principal has 300 applications for a job, you might just stand out because you have previously subbed in the school. 

The reality of it is that jobs for the past number of years have been like hens teeth. If you look back on some of the posts here, you will see people talking about applying for hundreds of schools and not even getting a letter back saying that they haven't been called for interview for most of them. Typically, a school will receive 300+ applications for a maternity leave. Now, there does seem to be a shortage of subs this year, so it may be a better year to be applying. 

Best of luck with your jobhunt!

Anyone else who feels like adding a thread with advice pertaining to NQT's - please do, and if any NQT's have questions that they would like answered, please feel free to post them. Also, any corrections to the above post welcome.

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  the message board rules
Posted by: Jürgen - 25-01-2017, 22:36:45 - Forum: Please read BEFORE posting - No Replies

Here they are:


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  Unable to log in?
Posted by: Jürgen - 16-11-2016, 23:56:11 - Forum: I can not log in... - No Replies

The most common problem is browsers "remembering" wrongly spelled usernames and passwords.

After several login failures, the page changes to a different login page where you additionally have to enter some letters and numbers into a field for added security. In that case, the login details have to be typed in again correctly, they are NOT brought over from the previous page. If the text boxes are already populated, most likely it is something incorrect put in by your browser.

If you do not enter the correct details or let the browser "remember" incorrect details, the login will fail. It might be frustrating but this is not a problem of the website.

If you forgot your password, there is a "Lost Password?" link and some instructions. You then get an email with a link. That link works only once. If you still can't log in, you can not use the link a second time. You have to go through the Lost Password procedure again. The mail by the way, will also tell you your username.

If you forgot your username /password, the best might be to first delete the login details stored by your browser. Then it is not quite as likely that things go wrong.

If your email address turned invalid due to the provider disabling your email account, your message board membership will have seized too, meaning that you have to sign up again with a valid email address. Such disabled accounts can not be re-enabled.

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Posted by: Jürgen - 20-04-2016, 10:09:03 - Forum: Registering with the message board - No Replies


Before registration:

If you want to stay anonymous, please chose a username which does not reveal your identity. However, usernames can be changed.

After registration:

Please familiarise yourself with our forum rules before you start posting. This is a teachers' message board, please be kind, polite and helpful. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are important for readability. Please review your posts before publishing. Do not use text speak. Not all of us are familiar with texting abbreviations.

Before you post, you might like to use our "search" to see whether your query has already been answered.

Welcome and have fun with our message board.

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  I should not have to tell you usernames and passwords...
Posted by: Jürgen - 24-06-2013, 17:49:30 - Forum: Please read BEFORE posting - No Replies


most website with user accounts have a facility to get a new password. So has this message board. You come across that link every time you log in.

Most websites would send you a link in the case you have forgotten your password and you have used the forgotten (or new) password facility. That also is the case with this message board.

If the mail does not arrive in your inbox, try the spam folder (or whatever that folder is called). It might be hidden somewhere and the best would be to have a look at it before you send me an e-mail saying that you did not get the mail...
If the link does not seem to work, make sure that the whole link is used. Sometimes half of the link is on the line below. So you have to put it together before you copy it and paste it into the address bar.

There is one nice thing here which is, in the case you have also forgotten your usernmame, that you are greeted in the new password mail with your username. That means that there is no need to ask me for your username Smile

If you have forgotten your e-mail address -  I can't help.

If your email account was disabled by your provider due to e.g. never been checked for new mails, and you also forgot your password, I will not be able to help. I will not change email addresses or passwords for you, I won't even delete the account and posts. For that reason, please check your emails regularly or use your current email address.
It is easy to change the email address in the "User CP". When you change your email address, you have to make sure that it is correct before you finalise it. If it should be incorrect, you might end up with the above problem.

If you should have a query you have to write from the same e-mail address you used when you signed up here. If that is not valid anymore for whatever reason - change it first before you write to me! Please do NOT include passwords in your queries.

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  Suspect posts.
Posted by: tardis - 25-02-2011, 19:16:57 - Forum: Please read BEFORE posting - Replies (1)

Should you come across a post which you feel is inappropriate, advertising, breaking rules or otherwise " a troll", please pm one of the moderators of the forum.
These are listed in each forum.
We do endeavour to watch all threads in each forum, but as the site grown, it is difficult to do so, and as we all share and enjoy this site, input from members is always welcome.

All pms, from all members, will be treated with total confidence, and will be dealt with promptly.

Many thanks and happy posting!


Please note - we do receive many "reports", and we deal with them, but if you feel a post worth keeping an eye on - please let us know!

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  when you advertise on this message board...
Posted by: Jürgen - 26-08-2010, 15:35:32 - Forum: advertising on the message board - Replies (2)


when you advertise on this message board you will be banned. Website addresses will be banned too.

To avail of advertising on this site, please email


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