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This forum is about "forum problems" only, all other posts will be deleted. (Moderated by Chloedancer, Ciaram, Corcaigh abú, Just me, mathsmastery, tardis)

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Advertisers will be banned from the message board - don't believe me?? (Moderated by Just me)


Forum related questions and answers only. This is how you can post your question: reply to "Please use this thread for your questions..." (Moderated by Chloedancer, Ciaram, Corcaigh abú, Just me, mathsmastery, tardis)

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Parents of SEN Children seeking Qualified Teachers

This forum is to facilitate individual SEN children and parents, who seek qualified teachers for home tuition needs. Please note that all correspondence following the placing of such a request must only take place by pm, and hence by private email. Educationposts can take no responsibility for any further actions taken on the part of any party involved. General Advertisements on this forum will be removed as per rules.

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